About us

OctopusDBA is a human-sized company whose business is based around databases. The quality and level of provided services make a difference to our customers. Our motto is: "It is better not to do, that do wrong".

Databases have become the focal point for information systems, both in terms of competition, access or storage of more and more intensive historicals, implying a clear and effective strategy on management.

As in any subject, we must start from the beginning: should we worry about performance when backups are not implemented ?
We believe that the simplest solutions are the most effective and maintainable.
What is it to mount "factories" when there is not the necessary skills to maintain and evolve ?

The industrialization of processes of installation, operation , maintenance, etc, is the key to success and the guarantee of daily serenity.
The flexibility of our small size, combined with targeted partnerships (system, network,SAN, etc), make that we can meet any size of project infrastructure with high added value.

So don't hesitate, call on our services and enjoy a quality of service that large structures can't provide you.

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    A single operating tool for
all your databases :

            Oracle, Sybase, SQL-Server, MySQL, DB2-LUW,
            PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ...       


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