SQWareProductionTM Presentation

SQWareProductionTM  the module is operating in the local DBMS. It is entirely written in ksh and sql. This module is composed of a managed by DBMS. There is no "core" part, each type of DBMS is independent but the scripts are written to the same standard of development.


Common points to all scripts for all DBMS types :

  • parsing of arguments (no order to respect for passing options)
  • Sending mail in HTML format on error (with the summary of errors, can be unitarily disabled by option "-Nomail" or whole by an environment variable)
  • indicators rise in SQWareRepository (most scripts trace their execution with start, end, duration, arguments and return code, this can be disabled globally by an environment variable)
  • the standard operation can be easily modified by configuration files
  • the standard libraries are overloaded
  • online help (most have the option "-h" for help online)


General architecture diagram SQWareProductionTM (when the module is locally installed) :




        A single operating tool for
    all your databases :

                Oracle, Sybase, SQL-Server, MySQL, DB2-LUW,
                PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ...       


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