SQWareRepositoryTM Presentation

SQWareRepositoryTM is the module which manages the repository and the indicators in a database.


It allows the repository and the indicators stored in databases to be managed (this is actually a schema or a database depending on the DBMS). This module has one part per DBMS. There is no "core" part; each DBMS is independent but all have the same type of entity-relationship model.


There are a number of tables that have the same name regardless of DBMS with essentially the same types of data in them which improves the readability of the model. Tables and columns have names which are immediately understandable by a DBA.


General architecture diagram SQWareRepositoryTM (when the SQWareProductionTM module is locally installed) :





    A single operating tool for
all your databases :

            Oracle, Sybase, SQL-Server, MySQL, DB2-LUW,
            PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ...       


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