SQWareWebTM Presentation

The SQWareWebTM module presents collected data in graphical format. It runs under Apache 2 and is written in PHP 5.2, AJAX and Open Flash. It provides presentations of indicators and capacity planning.


It is based entirely on the data contained in the SQWareRepositoryTM database. Information is presented in the same way regardless of the DBMS (subject to the specifics of each DBMS), making for more pleasant and easier navigation. This module is composed of a "core" and a specific plugin for each type of DBMS (Oracle, Sybase, MsSql, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL and Ingres).


You can also browse the demo site http://webdba.dbsqware.com/ to sample the display.
Warning: the site only contains data for Oracle and MySQL.
Sybase, MsSql, DB2, PostgreSQL and Ingres are visible only in the menu.


General architecture diagram SQWareWebTM (when the SQWareProductionTM module is locally installed) :





    A single operating tool for
all your databases :

            Oracle, Sybase, SQL-Server, MySQL, DB2-LUW,
            PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ...       


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